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Puss & Boots In the 23rd Century

"Puss & Boots in The 23rd Century”

By Jack McClure

My tale is set in 2276, after the end of thirty years of a war that began when the Chinese demanded that the United States and Canada evacuate their west coast areas.
Beijing announced that California, Oregon, Washington state, Alaska, and British Columbia should be ceded to them, because, “our superior culture requires more space in which to grow and flourish.”

Ottawa gave up British Columbia after a brief hesitation, because they had disbanded their army many years earlier as a gesture of peace to the world. The United States had not however, so the war began...
Puss and Boots are U S special forces veterans of this war, but now two years after it is over, they are bounty hunters for the studios of the omnipotent Network that is the world’s sole media provider. The Network broadcasts videos ranging from blandly sensual 1X shows to ones as violent as the bloody spectacles in the arena of ancient Rome, or more so. The Network rates these particular shows as 5X, and offers them as very expensive pay-per-views and this 5X sector is the most profitable one for the Network…
The governors of the four western states were forced to declare martial law when the Chinese invaded, and this condition still exists perforce. This allows their cynical Military Governors to continue ruling by fiat in support their patrons, the Network - and the White House.
Puss & Boots recognize the danger of martial law as well as the Network during the first ten days of May in 2276, when Boots finally awakens to and then accepts her mission, to restore the Constitution.
A clandestine network of US Army veterans has been waiting for Boots to accept the leadership of the Restoration and when she does, "The drums begin to roll and the bands begin to play!"

My tale closes at Puss’ home on her tribe’s reservation in Virginia. She is a Pamunkey Indian and the most proficient killer in the Army Special Forces but she also has other talents, that she is just beginning to realize.

Puss & Boots face a grim struggle in a totalitarian landscape but their story is full of grit and humor, and this lifts their story above its somber theme and takes the reader on an exciting, and often hilarious roller-coaster ride.

If all of the above sounds like the beginning of a series, it is and I am at work on Book 2 even as we speak!


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