Saturday, January 26, 2008

Real Science Fiction

I am trying to be a new voice writing Science Fiction, but I want to do in the old way because I honor that way - a way almost ignored today.

Classic science fiction essentially went into remission when Neil Armstrong planted his foot on the moon. When he took that step, Neil and NASA stripped all the mystery away from space travel. Not the glory, just the mystery.

Tolkin’s LOTR came at the right time soon thereafter (whether calculated or not) and captured the huge Sci fi reading audience that craved mystery over fact and felt empty (disenfranchised even) and floating in space. This audience, I submit, became disoriented by the new and harsh reality. The reality that space travel was here now and something they could never dream about, ever again…

Classic science fiction authors really wrote commentaries on the problems they saw in society by selecting one aspect that troubled them, and extrapolating its possible effects into a suggested future. Huxley did this in “Brave New World” and Orwell did it in “1984”, and Pohl and Kornbluth did in “Space Merchants”, to point out just three classic writers of what I call `real’ science fiction.

I have tried to do the same, by writing from the present and looking toward a possible future. I have observed today’s world and now I give you a frightening vision of what our children might face in two hundred and fifty years hence.

“Puss & Boots in The 23rd Century” is a dark tale of my vision – but also of what I see as our ultimate hope as well. Hang on to your straps Gang, because this is one hell of a read!

Jack McClure


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